Unlocking the Potential

Oxford Presentation School provides a truly broad-based comprehensive education. The medium of instruction is English with the school admitting pupils in Grades Pre Nursery to 10th.

We, at Oxford Presentation School, believe in a comprehensive system of education that will help develop children into well-groomed personalities and channelize their inherent talents.We are committed to providing a system of instructions that will encourage the thought process and reasoning, which would gear children to be logical, analytical, practical, creative and innovative. Oxford is a whole new zone gently preparing children for full-time schooling in a happy, stimulating and nurturing environment.We believe in the theory of imparting education with an emphasis on ‘learning through experience’.The Schoolʼs methodology concentrates first on the student’s aptitude, then on the skills and knowledge she/he needs to acquire. Traditional education tends to value a limited range of knowledge and skills but more recent research suggest that intelligence is not unitary but multiple.We aim to give students a broader, deeper, richer educational experience by recognising each student’s strongest talents and building on them in order to ensure that all the areas of talent are developed. Oxford Presentation School has a consultation advisory panel which comprises of highly experienced educators to ensure that the quality of education serves the best interest of our students.They include principals, educators and curriculum development specialists. We want only the best for our students and we want them to succeed according to their individual abilities.Our teachers are trained to observe and record the child’s development and work closely with their parents, in understanding each child.Currently, the school is from Pre-Nursery to Grade X – it shall be expanded till Grade XII in the coming time.